Residential Counselor

D.J. currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology and is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her experience consists of detox, intensive outpatient treatment, and the residential level of care. Guiding others through the recovery process is D.J.’s passion, and she believes all people have the ability to achieve success, live to their fullest potential, and fulfill all of their dreams. D.J.’s favorite motto is “Living the Dream.”


Greg Stephens, MA, LPC Intern

Residential Counselor

Greg earned his Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and his Graduate Degree as Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UTPB. He worked two internships at The Springboard Center before being hired on as an official employee in May of 2019. He has been happily married for 33 years and raised a wonderful son and daughter.
Greg’s favorite part of his job is seeing each client that enters broken and down, complete the program with new hope, and watch them successfully walk out of treatment.
Fun Fact: He loves to travel with his wife, backpack, climb mountains, explore canyons, and play chess.

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Residential Counselor Intern

Ismene has worked for The Springboard Center since January 2019. She completed three years of RN school at El Paso Community College, but found her career path shifting to focus on her passion for helping others with her experience of addiction in the family. After completing her practicum and receiving her LCDC Intern license, she was hired on as Springboard Center counselor. Ismene’s motivation stems from her strong belief that “life is a climb.”

Fun Fact: “On my days off, I love working with make up. Also, I love cows.”

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Residential Counselor Intern

Ruben has an Associates Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling, and has been with The Springboard Center for almost three years as an LCDC Intern. Ruben enjoys seeing his clients complete treatment, and go on to live happy, sober lives.

“I strive to look for the positive in everyone and everything. My motto is ‘Recovery must come first so that everything you love in life does not have to come last’.”

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Residential Counselor

Stephen is currently working towards his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Management from Texas Tech University. He has experience working in areas such as Detox, Residential, and Intensive Outpatient treatment. When working with his clients, Stephen enjoys using a variety of counseling theories. His favorite times at work are the holidays.

“The Springboard Center has a way of making every holiday feel like home. We dress up on Halloween, there is always a feast for Thanksgiving, and we even decorate for Christmas. Those little things that seem so simple, not only give the clients a sense of home but the staff as well. It’s like we all belong no matter what.”

Fun Fact: I have traveled to every edge of Texas without getting on a plane. I love to drive everywhere and anywhere possible – I believe it’s freeing!


Good Boys


Emotional Support

Wilson was rescued from a shelter, but now he’s doing the rescue work himself. Wilson provides emotional support, as well as much needed tail wags, to the clients in our Residential and Detox programs. His gentle demeanor and caring eyes help our clients to feel more at home while in treatment. He can often be found walking the hallways of the building looking to provide love to those in need and, when not doing this, enjoys spending time in Serenity Park chasing tennis balls, exercising with clients, seeking belly rubs, or just basking in the sun.



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