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Residential Substance Abuse Program

Remaining in treatment for the appropriate period of time is critical for substance abuse recovery. Our residential program is designed to be completed in a 30-day period with a possible extension if necessary.

Individuals participate in group activities to begin establishing a strong foothold on the pathway of healthy self-development. All group activities offered at The Springboard Center are facilitated by Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors; including:

  • Individual, group, gender-specific and family counseling
  • Chemical dependence education
  • Relapse prevention classes
  • Life skills development groups
  • Yoga, massage and cardio therapy
  • On- and off-site support groups
  • Structured activities establishing and enhancing healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, leisure, relaxation skills and spiritual awareness

Admission Application

You can speed up the admissions process by submitting your pre-admissions screening online.


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