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The Springboard Center always aims to improve our facilities and the amenities we offer our clients and residents. In 2009, we were very fortunate to be able to open our current location in Midland, Texas, where we have proudly offered premier addiction recovery services for men and women in the Permian Basin ever since. We have improved our facility in multiple ways since we first opened, from updating appearances to adding to our grounds. Thanks to generous donors, we have been able to embark upon larger projects and campaigns, including our beautiful Serenity Park and state-of-the-art Fred Westmoreland Fitness Center.

Our Facilities

We add to our facilities with our residents and clients in mind. Our evidence-based approach means that we are always conscious of the kinds of amenities that will benefit recovery. Our outdoor spaces are designed to provide peaceful places to meditate, enjoy the Texas sunshine and spend time in the fresh air. Our welcoming decor makes our facility feel like home, giving our residents the sense of family and community that is necessary for support during recovery. Finally, our fitness center was inspired by research showing exercise gives those in recovery a host of benefits ranging from higher confidence levels to improved physical health.

Our Staff

We are also continually improving our services by keeping our staff educated on the latest research and treatments in the world of addiction recovery. From attending local courses to traveling to national conferences, we make sure to stay on top of trends and evidence-based therapies to provide our clients and residents with treatments that work. We also partner with local healthcare and medical education institutions to teach providers and students about our mission and methods.

In the Community

The Springboard Center is deeply involved in our local community as well as the addiction recovery community nationwide. We work with many charities, including The Abell-Hanger Foundation, The Beal Foundation, The Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust, The Chaparral Foundation and The Meadows Foundation, among others, to spread awareness about alcohol and drug addiction. We also work frequently with local and national news outlets to provide insight into our evidence-based therapies as well as the unique intersection of substance abuse and the oil industry, a topic to which we are particularly sensitive due to our location in the oil-rich Permian Basin.

Admission Application

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